Take away Specialities


Traditional Argentine stuffed pastry, oven-baked.
Beef: minced beef, hard-boiled eggs, green olives and raisins
Chicken: chicken, spring onion and green peppers
(V) Spinach: spinach, béchamel sauce and cheese
Ham and Cheese: béchamel sauce, ham and cheese. £2.50

Promo empanadas:
12 empanadas (beef, chicken, spinach or ham and cheese) £22


Escalope in breadcrumbs served with hand-cut fries.

Milanesa de Pollo

Chicken breast escalope                                         £12.90

Milanesa Florentina

Chicken breast escalope topped with spinach à la créme       £13.90

Milanesa de Puerto Madryn

Chicken breast escalope with fried plantain and creamed sweetcorn sauce    £13.90

Milanesa Clásica

Beefsteak escalope                               £12.90

Milanesa a Caballo

Beefsteak escalope topped with a fried egg                                  £13.90

Milanesa a la Napolitana

Beefsteak escalope topped with mozzarella, ham and tomato sauce               £13.90

Argentine Prime Cuts from the charcoal grill with chips

– Choose cooking point: medium-rare, medium, medium-well.

– Choose the sauce: Pepper or Roquefort.

Parrillada Pampa (For 2 to Share)

A mixed grill of beef ribs, rump, chorizo, black pudding and bondiola pork   £41.90

Rib-Eye (300Gr)

Delicately marbled throughout Argentine rib-eye steak          £19.90

Sirloin (300G)

Tender Argentine sirloin                   £19.90

Asado de Tira (500G)

Marbled beef ribs traditionally cut across the ribcage             £17.90

Churrasco (300G)

Tender Argentine Rump                    £14.90


Half a chicken with a tomato chilli sauce on the side                   £13.90


Canelones de Carne

Fresh pasta filled with minced beef, cream and tomato sauce                   £12.90

(V) Sorrentino Mozzarella

Argentine pasta sorrentino                 £12.90

Choose from our own homemade sauces for the pasta:

Filetto Garlic and tomato sauce
Mixta Filetto and cream sauce
Pesto Garlic, basil and walnuts

(V) Ravioli de Espinaca

Argentine spinach and ricotta Ravioli               £12.90

Choose from our own homemade sauces for the pasta:

Filetto Garlic and tomato sauce
Mixta Filetto and cream sauce
Pesto Garlic, basil and walnuts


(V) Calabaza con Humita

Stuffed butternut squash with a corn and béchamel sauce filling               £11.90

(V) Milanesa Vegetariana

Soya escalope topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella               £11.90


(V) Batata Frita

Fried sweet potatoes               £4.50

(V) Fritas

Hand-cut fried  potatoes               £3.80

(V) Fritas Provenzal

Fries with garlic and parsley               £4.50

(V) Puré de Papa

Homemade mashed potato (with cream)              £4.30

(V) Ensalada Verde

Lettuce, rocket, cucumber and sesame seeds             £3.60

(V) Espinacas a la Crema

Spinach à la crème          £4.50


Salsa Albahaca

Traditional homemade basil sauce             £2.20

Salsa Roquefort

Homemade Roquefort cheese sauce              £2.20

Salsa Pimienta

Homemade Pepper sauce              £2.20

Salsa Alioli

Traditional garlic and mayonnaise sauce              £2.20



All freshly made Argentine specialities

Flan Casero

Homemade cream caramel served with Dulce de leche          £5.50

Tiramisu La Patagonia

Tiramisu with melted chocolate and an Argentine twist            £5.50

Havanna Alfajor

From Argentina            £2.30




Malbec: Bodega Piedra Negra (Bottle)

Uco Valley, Mendoza – ARG            £27.75

Cabernet Sauvignon: “Reserva” D.Bousquet (Bottle)

Gualtallary, Uco Valley, Mendoza – ARG           £38.75


Sauvignon Blanc: Cepas Privadas (Bottle)

Mendoza – ARG            £20.75

Chardonnay: Dominique Bousquet (Organic White – Bottle)

Tupungato, Uco Valley, Mendoza – ARG        £25.50


£3 delivery charge in NW1.